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Go confidently ...

... in the direction of your dreams.

Live the life you have imagined.

Thank you, Henry David Thoreau - my feelings exactly and something I sometimes need to remind myself during this busy time of the year.

Two very special custom NOEL Fine Jewelry projects have been occupying my heart these last few weeks and prompted the need to share this with you all via this here blog.

Kiyomi and Minobu’s GRADUATION RINGS.

Sweet Cyndy, a dear friend of mine, whose son is also one of my son’s “bestest” friends from school, approached me a few weeks ago with a very meaningful and sentimental request – to create two graduation rings for her daughters out of one very special and dear family heirloom ring. The ring in question featured two gemstone citrine hearts – perfect, one stone for each girl!

The result: two rings, each featuring a treasured piece of family history, soon to be proudly worn by two very accomplished young ladies, as a token of their proud parents love. Congratulations, Kiyomi, graduating in just a few weeks – and Minobu, you are not very far behind (but your ring is ready for your big day). I feel so, so very honored to have been part of this.


When another one of my sweet and dear friends Nathalie contacted me to let me know that their beautiful home had gotten broken into a second time in one year and all her jewelry was taken - my heart went out to her. Treasured jewelry memories, gone.

But Nathalie, let me tell you, is a very strong friend of mine and after seeing a post I did of my latest custom-cut gemstones, she asked if I could create her dream ring with one of the gemstones that caught her attention – a stunning Pink Star Quartz – to celebrate life, a happy marriage, being a proud mom to a son who shines in their life, amazing professional accomplishments, good health as well as, pssst, a big, upcoming birthday worth celebrating. YES! Here's to you, liebe Nathalie! A ring that embodies all and more and while working on it - became you.

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